*For widely spoken languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian).


Written translation services starting from 22 lei per standard page.


Interpretation services starting from 150 lei per hour of interpretation.

Special offer Czech language and Slovak language: from 35 lei / standardized page.

Please contact us for a price quote in the desired language.

• Translations in the technical, medical or any other specialized field require personalized price quotes for each individual order.
• Each order receives individual quotations, depending on the deadline, the level of difficulty, the number of pages and the direct negotiation with the customer.


Can be mutually negotiated depending on the number of pages, the deadline, as well as the level of difficulty of the text to be translated.

Emergency fee

For translations with a very short deadline (1-3 hours or for the same day), an emergency fee is applied, depending on the difficulty. No emergency fee is required for translations with deadlines of 24 hours or more, within the limit of working capacity.

What is a normed page?

A normed/standard page is limited to 2000 characters with spaces. 

If you use the Microsoft Office 2007 program, to determine the number of pages in a Word document, go to Review - Word Counter and you will get the total number of characters, which you will divide by 2000 and thus get the number of chargeable pages.

The minimum charge is the value of one page.